Year of You Club

Where does the journey toward your best life begin?

Here’s a hint: It doesn’t begin with January 1st, or Monday, or next month …
… still not sure of the answer?

Well here it is: The journey begins with YOU!

You are the answer to creating the life you’ve always wanted – one of fulfillment and meaning. If you’re ready to kick-start your journey towards a fulfilled and successful life, consider joining the Year of You Club!

Option 1: Join the FREE 10 Day Challenge – Under Construction


Let’s get dedicated!
If you’re looking to break-out of your comfort zone by learning new success habits, how to stay accountable to your goals, and ultimately set new goals for the future, consider joining the 10 Day Program!

In this program you get:
1) Three, one hour 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me
2) A habit tracker to use throughout the program
3) 10 days of guiding videos to help you establish success habits
4) Motivation and know-how to reach your goals
5) The self-confidence you’re looking for to make this the #YearofYou!

So if you’re ready to start the journey, send me an email at letting me know you’re in! It’s COMPLETELY free!

The challenge begins on the 14th of each month 😀

Option 2: Become a Year of You Alumni

Want to share your #YearofYou story?

I am currently looking for business owners in the Edmonton area to interview for my YouTube channel and podcast!
People want to hear how you overcame trials and tribulations in life, and ultimately started your own business! Sound interested? Send me an email at to book an interview.
Not in the Edmonton area but still want to be featured? Well I love to travel, so shoot me an email and let’s work something out 🙂

#YearofYou Local Alumni – List of Edmonton alumni and interviews coming soon!
#YearofYou On the Road – List of alumni worldwide and interviews coming soon!

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